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Five tips to conquer stress

A while ago I wrote about how you can recognise stress in your body when you are under constant pressure. Not great, but what can you do about it? All that work needs to be done, and it won’t get any less by leaving it as it is… right? Right. Still, here are five ideas to get a little breathing space and reduce your stress levels.

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No bathing suits – and other sauna myths

I am a big sauna fan. I love it: no phone for a day, away from everything, relaxing in comfortable heat, read a book, have some coffee, actually talk to people. What’s not to like?

Still, a lot of people don’t want to or don’t dare to go to a sauna. And I do recommend a day of relaxing to everyone! I can understand the most common reasons for not going, but they are usually not entirely correct. So, today I want to bust a few sauna myths. And hope that more people will relax for a day.

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