About me

Curious as to who is behind this blog? Well, it’s just me, Mirjam. Or Mim, for short. In my late thirties (already!) but still being estimated younger than I truly am, and I would like to keep it that way. 

Ever since I learned how to write, I have wanted to be a writer. I dabble in online marketing and freelance copywriting, but also write a lot as a hobby, like on this blog or with the numerous pieces of fiction that are currently sitting on my computer, being unpublished. 

I am getting older!

Lately, I’ve noticed (shockingly) that I am getting older. Nooooo! Well, okay, it’s not that horrible. I have a nice job, a sweet husband, no kids (yet) and an adorable cat. And I live in one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. And that makes up for a lot!

What is does not make up for is my skin getting older on me, too. And with that busy job and large yard I don’t have so much time for self care or gyms. Sometimes that just makes me jealous of all those apartment-owning fashionistas living in the city and elevating skincare and makeup to an art form. 

I (don’t) know what’s good for me

So, the stuff I used to do when I was twenty does not work for me now. So apart from getting old and living a busy life, I have to deal with figuring out what works for my ageing skin. And so I started my blog, Huid & Haar (which is Dutch for Skin & Hair) to document my experiments – and everything I learn along the way about keeping your appearance in top condition. So read and grow up age with me, it is a fun trip!