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What is double cleansing?

21 January 2019

Lately, I’ve been reading more and more about double cleansing. Celebs do it, beauty fans do it, magazines write about it… but what is double cleansing, and why should you be doing this?

Double cleansing just sounds like washing your face twice, right? Yes, but that is not entirely true. Actually, there are two steps to thoroughly cleanse your face.

The beginning of it all

Double cleansing is part of a Korean Beauty or K-beauty routine. The idea is that during the day, all kinds of icky stuff attaches itself to your face: makeup, your own fingers touching your face (or someone else’s…), polluted air and gasses from cars and other things – especially when you live in the city.

So before you go to sleep, it is necessary to get all that gunk off your face again. Your skin needs the night’s sleep to recover from all the daily pollution and sleeping with clean skin makes the most of that recovery time. Don’t cleanse, and you will increase your chances of impurities and pimples. No fun.

Cleansing 1: off with the dirt

Bluxbox Kerst 2018 - Oriflame Micellair Water

The first step is also the most thorough: get ALL the gunk OFF. You do this with an oil based product. This can be an oil based makeup remover or a micellar water (if you don’t like oily stuff on your skin).

The idea is to remove ALL makeup from your face. And I do mean all of it. As long as there is even the smallest trace of makeup on your cotton pad, you are not done yet. So don’t think you can move on after you have used two cotton pads and a bit of makeup remover. You might as well use four or five, and only go to step two when everything is gone.

Cleansing 2: deep cleansing

When you’ve cleared all the junk off your face, you can really do some deep cleansing. You do this with (luke)warm water and a rinsable cleanser. This also ensures you’ll rinse off whatever makeup remover is still stuck to your face from step one. With a good cleanser and some warm water, your skin will be thoroughly cleaned and ready for your night skincare.

Why do we want this?

Double cleansing has a bunch of advantages, according to experts. By cleansing in two steps, you make sure that everything on the surface of your skin does not sink in, and you make sure your skincare lands on clean skin for optimal effect.

Not only does your skincare work better this way, but your skin will also be cleaner. There are no traces of dirt left to irritate your skin or cause blemishes, so your skin will look cleaner, more fresh and younger.

Just once a day?

Okay, so when you are a little sceptical (like me) you will also see the downside of this. All this cleansing might affect the natural balance of your skin, right? And doesn’t water actually dry the skin a bit?

Yes, it does. When you use aggressive cleansers, double cleansing could also have a negative effect. And using too much water can dry the skin as well. You can often feel this when you step out of the shower.

So when you want to do some double cleansing, I would advise you to use products that match your skin type. Aside from that, you may want to limit this kind of cleansing to once a dag, before you go to sleep. In the morning, you’ve basically only slept, and if you’ve done so with a clean skin you’ll only need a bit of water to freshen up. In the evening, all the dirt of the day is on there – and you do want to clean that off.

Is it worth the trouble?

So while I was researching and read all this, I though: “But I am already doing this…?” For me, this routine is my usual. I only use a bit of water in the morning and that’s it. In the evening, I do a more thorough job and use some makeup remover, wash my face and use a toner.

The only think I could improve is removing my makeup. I do admit that (until now) I thought two cotton pads was quite enough. Even when there is still some mascara left on my eyes. Oops. So there is my lesson from all this.

So how do you feel about double cleansing? Good habit or cleaning overkill?

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