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Why I am not buying the ‘Body Positive’ thing

Lately, I am hearing more and more about ‘body positive’ around me: that it’s okay to be a little plus sized, to be proud of your own body, and a weird little squiggle or a bit extra are not something to be ashamed about. A beautiful thought!

There are lots of people who really can’t help having a little extra weight. People with thyroid problems. People who are depressed and turn to food for comfort. Or people who eat healthy, but are physically not able to get enough exercise. But what about me?

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Happy New Year! Huid ‘n Haar in 2019

Yes, first day of 2019! I love having the entire year ahead of me – bare, clean and fresh. Where all opportunities are still open and you can dream all you want about what you will do and experience and achieve. So cool!

Usually, I am bursting with new ideas and good intentions on this first day – and today is no different. So, because I actually want to get things done, I am going to use you, my dear readers, to help me achieve my goals. So I won’t disappoint you guys – and myself. This is what’s going on at Huid ‘n Haar this year.

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End of year list: best of 2018!

Wow, so you just start a blog for fun one day and the next thing you know is you’ve blogged out the year! So much has happened, and it all went so fast! 

At the end of the year we all like to look back at all the time we’ve had together, and for Huid & Haar this was a year full of good things and surprises. Here are my highlights for 2018:

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