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Personal Stories

Why I am not buying the ‘Body Positive’ thing

25 January 2019
Afvallen Meetlint

Lately, I am hearing more and more about ‘body positive’ around me: that it’s okay to be a little plus sized, to be proud of your own body, and a weird little squiggle or a bit extra are not something to be ashamed about. A beautiful thought!

There are lots of people who really can’t help having a little extra weight. People with thyroid problems. People who are depressed and turn to food for comfort. Or people who eat healthy, but are physically not able to get enough exercise. But what about me?

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Personal Stories

Happy New Year! Huid ‘n Haar in 2019

1 January 2019

Yes, first day of 2019! I love having the entire year ahead of me – bare, clean and fresh. Where all opportunities are still open and you can dream all you want about what you will do and experience and achieve. So cool!

Usually, I am bursting with new ideas and good intentions on this first day – and today is no different. So, because I actually want to get things done, I am going to use you, my dear readers, to help me achieve my goals. So I won’t disappoint you guys – and myself. This is what’s going on at Huid ‘n Haar this year.

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End of year list: best of 2018!

31 December 2018
Best of 2018 - Banner

Wow, so you just start a blog for fun one day and the next thing you know is you’ve blogged out the year! So much has happened, and it all went so fast! 

At the end of the year we all like to look back at all the time we’ve had together, and for Huid & Haar this was a year full of good things and surprises. Here are my highlights for 2018:

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Personal Stories

Happy Holidays!

26 December 2018
Fijne feestdagen - Banner

Fashionably late of course, but still. I hope you all had a wonderful, festive, cozy and loving first day of Christmas. Sadly, I got struck with the flu and a raw, sore throat… so no caroling for me this year… but that does not mean no Christmas at all. Happy holidays everyone!

Family and friends

Christmas is traditionally a gathering with the family around here. My parent are divorced and I am married, so that means we have three sets of parents to visit and only two days of Christmas. Usually, we fix that by visiting one on Christmas Eve, or by spending new years eve elsewhere. Works great!

Before Christmas, we have a weekend with friends to celebrate midwinter. Always lovely to see everyone again – even the friends that live a bit farther away are present – and chat with everyone.

Christmas Nails

Fijne feestdagen - kerstnagels

Normally, this is where I would have shown you guys my Christmas looks. But while I’m writing this I am stuck underneath a pile of blankets and pillows with two aspirins and a cup of tea and honey.

I did manage to shoot some photos of yesterday’s looks (back when I felt a little bit better). Because of course I did put something festive on my nails. No traditional Christmas colours, but a neutral nude with a little glimmer on the ring finger. The nude is from Glossworks in Tanfastic Nude. The glittery ring fingers are from Pretty Woman, in No Selfie Control. Looks good together!

Christmas Eyes

Well, I tried, but I am still horrible at making photos of my own eyes. I should find a smart solution for that!

Anyway, my eye look for Christmas is just a little more smokey than usual, but still pretty neutral.

Fijne feestdagen - kerst ooglook

First of all, I put on a bit of primer from Catrice. After that, I went wild with my Naked Palette from Urban Decay. I used the lightest shade, Virgin, on the moving part of my eyelids. There is some Buck in the crease, which is a darkish, matte colour.

On top of those are some shimmers: a light, Sidecar shimmer on the inside of my eye, a dash of the much darker Hustle on the outside. And to finish it off, a dot of the inky black Creep in the outer corner of the eye. Blend it all together to fade the heavy black a bit and voila! A bit smokey but not too much.

I finished the look with a little highlighting from the Strobing Pencil by Lord and Berry, and a thin line of liquid eyeliner from Eye. The mascara comes from Rituals.

Voor vandaag houd ik me maar gewoon rustig… en blijf ik veel thee met honing drinken. Hoe ziet jullie tweede kerstdag eruit?

Personal Stories

Rewind: 2018 in three words

18 December 2018
Rewind 2018 Banner

Wow, we’re almost through! Seriously, this year went by SO fast… so much has happened, fun and less fun, inspiring, sometimes boring and annoying, but overall very very busy.

Describe 2018 in three words. That is the first question coming at me from the Happiness Planner printables. I got these with my new planner, but you can also dow download them for free here. Okay, three words… here we go!

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