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Losing weight, try 1: dieting

13 February 2019
Afvallen Meetlint

A while ago I wrote a bit about body positive and why I am struggling to apply that thought to myself. I weigh more than I have ever weighed. I have little rolls where there never were any and my own body is in my way. Something needs to change.

But you are not that fat?

I am pretty tall, and so I don’t really look fat. But this is not about how I look – it’s about how I feel. And I am used to my body, minus twenty or so kilos. And that is a lot of extra weight to carry around! I can agree with one body positive thought: you need to feel good in your own body, no matter what anyone else may think about it. And for me that means losing weight.

My diet

Afvallen Meetlint

This is not the first time I am losing weight. Last time was around eight years ago when I quit smoking. I made an agreement with myself that I could do and eat anything (including enormous amounts of chocolate and candy) – as long as I stayed away from cigarettes. And I did. I quit smoking but gained about ten kilos because of all the candy. And I lost them again, too.

At that time, I followed the South Beach Diet – one of the earlier low carb diets. I did get some funny looks at work when I brought my salads and my tomatoes and eggs, but nowadays it seems to be more and more common.

I tried to lose weight with South Beach again a while ago, but failed. Some things have changed between then and now: I got married, and I can’t just put everyone here on a salad diet. So, this time I and trying something different: Weight Watchers. A club that has been around since forever, and you can’t do that if you are not successful. I think. So, I subscribed to their digital program and started last week.

Good food and losing weight

And so far I must say it works very well! WW gives you a number of point to spend on food every day – plus a weekly extra stash for those sinful moments. So you can just eat what you feel like, just as long as you stick with your points. Aside from that, even if you do spend all your points on chocolate muffins – there is also a long list of zero point foods (like fresh fruit and fresh veggies) that you can just eat without spending any points.

You also gain access to a large database of foods and drinks and their respective points worth, so you can easily keep track for what you eat and drink on a day. The app calculates the points based on how much you had.

After the first week I did lose a few kilos already, so I have had a very motivating start! And I can just keep to what is normal in my own situation. I may take a little less of something, eat a smaller portion of a sinful dinner or pick a healthy alternative. And sometimes I’ll just have my glass of wine and my chocolate. It’s all allowed, as long as you stick to your points. And so far, this has been relatively easy!

Have you followed a diet before? Which one?

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