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Unboxing: the powerful February Goodiebox

22 February 2019
Goodiebox Februari - Banner

Yes! The February Goodiebox arrived this week – I have been waiting for it! This month’s theme is ‘Powered by’ and it helps you to unleash your inner power. Of course I could not wait to open it and discover my new goodies – so here is my unboxing for you!

About Goodiebox

Goodiebox Februari

For those not familiar with Goodiebox: this is Holland’s latest subscription beautybox. For €19,95 a month you will get a new box every month, with six gorgeous goodies inside. And those goodies could be anything: skin care, makeup, haircare or a new brush or beauty tool.

The great thing about Goodiebox? When you are not happy with your box, you can just send it back and get your money back! So there is a real guarantee for money well spent. Aside from that, Goodiebox has a great community on Facebook where you can discuss products together or trade those you don’t use with other Goodiebox members.

Theme: ‘powered by’

The February Goodiebox is themed ‘powered by’. Thankfully no Valentine’s box! I am a bit done with sweetness and pink hearts. So, now it’s time to look at yourself instead of someone else. And the Goodiebox gals are going to help you find your own inner Wonder Woman.

This month’s products are aimed at you doing your own thing. With some me-time every now and then, and with products that make you stronger. Go you!

Box contents

After all that it is time to finally unbox! I found a few great new products in my February Goodiebox, and also a few familiar friends.

Goodiebox Februari - Mesauda Base Coat

Mesauda Milano – Rock Nail Hardening Base Coat: A base coat for your nail polish, but according to the booklet you can also use this as a top coat or by itself as a nail hardener. A true all-in-one product!

Batiste Droogshampoo

Batiste – Mini Dry Shampoo: I have found this one before in the Bluxbox goodiebag. And I love it! I know not everyone will be overjoyed to find a dry shampoo in their box, but I definitely use this once a week when my hair gets a little greasy but I don’t want to wash it just yet. Great to have a second one so I won’t run out!

Bellapierre Banana Setting Powder

Bellapierre Cosmetics – Banana Setting Powder: I received one of these last month in the Look Fantastic Box. I did try it already and it is a great product, so no harm in having two! I use it combined with the cream from last month’s Goodiebox for a great, matte effect.

Raunsborg Handcream

Raunsborg – Hand Cream: Always good to get a hand cream! My hands are very dry during the winter, so I keep on using this stuff… great to have a nice big tube! According to the booklet, this one has won a bunch of awards in Denmark already, so that sounds promising!

Miqura Preparty Mask

Miqura – Preparty Moisturising Mask: Ooh, a glitter mask! This will get me some funky Instagram photos. And, according to the booklet, this will also get me a glow, hydrated skin. I can’t wait to try this (and to see the glitters)!

Goodiebox Februari - Ame Mascara

Ame – Much More Lashes Mascara: A good black mascara is a must’ve for every makeup stash. I go through a few of these a year! My ‘old’ Rituals mascara just ran out, so I am currently using the Teez mascara from a previous Goodiebox. This one from America will be in storage for a little while, but I am sure it will come in handy!

The February Goodiebox was well stuffed with great goodies! Too bad I already had the setting powder, but for all Goodiebox members getting this one for the first time, this really is a great catch! I am very happy with the hand cream, I always, always need one! All in all, great box again with stuff you can really use. Happy with it!

February Goodiebox Value

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