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Beauty Buys and Beauty Trash December – Easy does it

4 January 2019

Usually I need two blog to discuss everything I bought and trashed properly, but this December I took it easy on the shopping as well as the trashing. Whew!

So, this month I tucked them both into one blog. I indulged myself in one more Instagram hype, and reluctantly trashed some items that were utterly gone.

Beauty Buys: Pink Clay Mask and Coconut Shampoo

I actually only bought two beauty items this month – and the first was ordered in November but took a while to get here. You’ve probably seen this in a sponsored post on Instagram or Facebook: Sand & Sky’s Pink Clay Mask.

My last Insta-Hype was Coco & Eve’s Hair Mask, and that worked out so well I’ve gone and bought myself another hyped product. This clay mask is said to be very purifying, and since I’ve quit taking birth control pills I did get a few fresh breakouts. So I wonder of this mask can work its wonders for me, as well!

The second item (or items) I bought just came with the weekly groceries from Albert Heijn, just because they were on sale: two big bottles of Coconut Shampoo by Love, Beauty & Planet. I’ve bought one of these before and I love them – so this was an offer I could not pass up on!

Beauty Trash: Eve Lom, Caudalie and deodorant from a tin

My beauty trash was also a small lot this month. Not because I haven’t used any, but just because the things I did use were all full size – so they last longer! Still, there were a few empties this month.

Eve Lom Cleanser

Eve Lom Cleanser
Alas, my wonderful Eve Lom cleanser is empty! I loved it to pieces. The scent took a bit of getting used to, but it cleaned so well, did not irritate, I could even just rub it onto my eyelashes! It did not irritate my eyes, not even with my contact lenses still in, and removed every little trace of mascara my makeup remover had left on. It’s just too bad it has such a steep price tag, or I would just get it again.

Serum van Caudalie

Glow Activating Anti Wrinkle Serum van Caudalie
Another product that I am sad to have emptied is this lovely serum by Caudalie. This one really lasted a long time: the Limited Edition Caudalie box was the first limited edition box I bought from Look Fantastic. I loved what it added to my skincare routine, and this product is what caused my to incorporate serums into my daily routine. Thank you, Caudalie!

Pepermunt en Rozemarijn Deodorant van Lekker in een Potje
I’ll admit that this one only lasted me so long because I don’t use deodorant every day. I actually only use this when I have a long day ahead, or when it’s very hot outside – or when I am nervous about something. Actually just when I know my armpits might be a little more productive!

Dipping and smearing takes a bit of getting used to, but I did love this deodorant – very refreshing en easy to use. You only need a little but and it stays fresh all day. I will be buying this again and – very easy – you can just buy it at Albert Heijn. I’ll just pick it up with the weekly groceries!

Did you guys treat yourselves to anything in the holiday month?

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