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November Beauty Buys: these things took my money

30 November 2018
Beauty Buys November - Banner

Last month, I created my very first ‘beauty buys’ blog (translation coming soon!) and I liked it so much I’m going to do it again this month! November was a month of spending – with Christmas around the corner there were so many pretty things I just could not stop myself! Here are my November Beauty Buys: 

Molton Brown Limited Edition Box

Beauty Buys November - Molton Brown Limited Edition

My followers on Instagram already had a preview of this beautiful Limited Edition Box from Look Fantastic and Molton Brown. Every now and then, Look Fantastic collaborates with a beautiful brand to create a limited edition, brand exclusive beautybox. And ever since I found a little travel sized bottle of Molton Brown in my subscription box I’ve been hooked on these lovely scents.  This one I just had to have! 

Tangle Teezer

The original! I’ve had a cheap ripoff version from the grocery store for a time now, but it does not quite work for me. My hair still tangles up everywhere and it remains unmanageable despite the enormous amounts of conditioner I put in there. At first sight, the original Tangle Teezer did not look so different from my cheap brush, besides the lack of a handle. But… it works! I can just brush through my hair with this, even when it’s wet. Really, I am totally flabbergasted. And it’s not even that expensive: a Tangle Teezer is yours for €12,95 at Look Fantastic.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

By now, every makeup and beauty enthousiast knows this palette is no longer produced. So sad! But my eye fell on this when I walked into the local Ici Paris last week… they still had a few in stock! The price tag made me waver for a moment, but I went ahead and bought it while I still could. And I was NOT disappointed – this palette rocks!

Catrice Eye Primer

Beauty Buys November - Catrice Eyeshadow Primer

What can I say… when you buy a new palette and you use it every day, you need some eye shadow primer as well! This was the only one I could find on the go at the local drugstore. To be honest, I am not very impressed so far. Then again my eyelids are getting older, too – so I have a few more creases and crinkles than the average youngster. Still, it works a lot better than no primer at all! 

Treacle Moon – Wild Cherry Magic

Treacle Moon Wild Cherry Magic

I ran into this cute couple while I was grocery shopping and they were just too cute to leave: a big bottle of body wash and a body scrub from Treacle Moon! 

Cherries will always be one of my favourite things. Combine that with rainbows and unicorns and boom! I have to have it. How bad is that?! These two took a place in my bathroom and even though they smell very sweet straight out of the bottle, they are actually very refreshing when you use them! 

The Happiness Planner

Okay, technically this is not a beauty buy, but it finally arrived this month and I am so happy with it – my 2019 Happiness Planner! This planner is not just your agenda, but also keeps your goals and hopes for the year, manages your to do lists, reminds you to plan your meals and your workouts, and makes you think about things to be grateful for. My 2019 is going to be so positive! 

Ouch, november took a pretty good chunk of cash out of my wallet! My bank account looks a bit sad… but I do have some really nice new things that will last me a good long while. Hopefully this means I’ll buy less in december and save my money for presents… 

What kind of things did you buy this month? 

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