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Sale shopping! My favourite online beauty shops

18 January 2019
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If you come here more often, you may have noticed that most of my blogs and reviews contain links to the same online beauty shops. No coincidence there – I do try to link you through to the webshops where I get my own stuff, so I can be sure you’ll end up someplace good! Here are five of my favourite online places.

1. Look Fantastic

My first ever beautybox came from Look Fantastic. This place is originally from the UK, but ships worldwide and has a range of online beauty shops in various regions of the world – so chances are you can find one in your own language! Look Fantastic features a broad range of products, from skincare to makeup and beauty tools.

Look Fantastic is comparable to Douglas: they have a very large collection of products, with most of them either in the middle range or really high end. You will not find many budget brands in this store.

For me, this store is my first online stop whenever I need (or want) something new. They have lots in stock, there is usually a sale going on and the shipping (DPD) is super fast – even when I order from the UK store!

2. Douglas

Of course, Douglas. If I like a Douglas-like store from the UK, this one has to have a place on my list as well. I love shopping here – online as wel as in the stores, but I must admit this is one of those stores I often walk into whenever I am in town.

I also buy most of my perfumes here. I love just being able to smell them all, the store crew is often a great help and of course it’s nice to get a lovely sample with your purchase. Douglas is also expanding on their makeup and now also features brand favourites like Mac and Nyx.

3. Ici Paris

The big Douglas competitor here in the Netherlands, but I am still going to both. Ici Paris often has brands Douglas does not have, and vice versa. I bought my Urban Decay Naked Palette here, and since I discovered they also sell a lot of those fun sheet masks I love to have a peek in their store every so often!

Urban Decay Naked Palette Gesloten

4. Beauty Bay

Another large online beauty shop is Beauty Bay. This one again is different from Look Fantastic and focuses more on trendy items and hypes. This is also where you can order your clay mask from Sand & Sky, if you don’t feel like having it shipped all the way from Australia. You’ll also find trendy makeup brands like Jeffree Star in this store.

I love browsing through all these hot items, even though I buy them a lot less than the middle and high end brands at Look Fantastic. I ran into this store while I was searching for a good place to restock my Sand & Sky masks, and have been a regular visitor since.

5. Kruidvat

Yes! Of course good old Kruidvat should not be absent in this list! Our own, well known Dutch drugstore chain is just easy to go to and not too expensive. I walk into the store (online or offline) often for something I need and then end up with all kinds of makeup, hair things, skincare or other beauty stuff in my shopping cart. I can’t help it!

Which online beauty shop is your favourite?

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